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Photo Scanning & Slide Scanning Services

Marin FilmWorks offers three different types of scanning.



Negative and Slide Scans are done on our Noritsu 3101 and 3212. These scans are usually done on entire rolls at the time of processing, but may be ordered later as individual scans as well. These types of scans come in two resolutions - Standard (good for prints up to 5x7), and Premium (good for prints up to 11x14).

We offer Custom Scanning services for everything from Web Resolution (approx. 1 mb or less) to Super High Resolution (approx. 50 mb or higher).



Our Bulk Scanning service is offered for large quantities of prints from wallet size to 8x10's. This type of scan is suitable for archiving old photos, or putting together.


DVD Slideshows can be made from your scanned images.



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